Video & Content

Online marketing contains many channels within it and video is one of the most important.  Good online video content will help you build brand awareness and interest in your products and services much like TV Ads did when they first came out. As in the real world, trust = sales. I can help you create engaging video and informational content that interests consumers.

Online Marketing Traffic

Zen Koan: If a website is on a server but nobody comes to see it does it still exist? A website is pretty useless unless it is being seen and engaged with. Smart search engine marketing strategies will ensure you appear for the right keywords that are going to bring the most relevant traffic. Relevant, qualified traffic is the lifeblood of online sales and success.

Online Marketing Strategy

Step 1 is knowing what you want to achieve online be it sales, traffic or enquiries. Step 2 is How will you get there? This is where I can help devise the latest online marketing strategies that work.